Awkward Kitchen Parties

So, what’s the solution here?

  • Be the person who regularly acknowledges people’s contributions in casual conversations, such as in emails, through handwritten notes, and yes, sometimes with a spontaneous cake.
  • Hold regular staff meetings with a big focus on making sure there is time for individuals to acknowledge the contributions and support of their colleagues.
  • Bring your staff together for weekly stand-up meetings, and teach each of your managers or supervisors to brag about what their staff has achieved.
  • Go ahead and have a monthly Awkward Kitchen Party that involves a cake, and use it as an opportunity to recognize all the employees who are celebrating an anniversary that month.
  • Make sure you invest time and effort to check in individually with each member of your staff, a time when you sit and chat about where they are, what they’re thinking about, what they’re hoping for from their job, and what they see as their strengths and their accomplishments. Really honor that time. Be fully present and truly listen to them.



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